A simple workflow Engine for your yii2

Demo and Experiments


See it in action on a sample Post model. This Demo includes standard features like Workflow Driven Model Validation and Events, but also an example of Workflow transition history behavior.

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WizFlow experiment

The wizard UI pattern can also be considered as a workflow where, based on user choices a path is defined step by steps from the first screen to the last one. Let's try to implement this pattern using yii2-workflow !

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Workflow View experiment

This is an experiment to create a yii2 widget dedicated to provide a graphical representation of a yii2-workflow. It uses the great vis.js library.

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Source And Documentation


yii2-workflow is a well documented extension (well at least that is my ambition). The documentation is updated on each release and includes many examples to illustrates various use cases. Of course it can be improved, so don't hesitate to contribute.

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Source Code

The source code is hosted at Github and it is (almost) fully tested and documented. I try as much as possible to reply to all issues that may be posted (but it may take some time so be patient).

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